Chapter One


• Boat crash

• Pursuit

• The Battle of Gunnlaug’s Farm

• Interrogating Torstein

• Recovery

• The Witch’s Vision. Casting the runes and going under the cloak, Yrsa has a vision of two ships landing by a circle of stones. The PCs recognize these stones as being near the hall of Odd the Bent on the west coast of the island; Grim also recognizes one of the ships as belonging to Ozur Wide-Smiler, a mercenary man with a retinue of fierce berzerkers.

• Dispatches. The PCs send men to the area of the landing site, and then travel south to the hall of Rognvald Alberiksson to rouse him against the invaders.

• The Hall of Rognvald Alberiksson. The PCs find Rognvald already prepared for war.

• Busted into the back door of Rognvald’s hall, held a servant girl at knife-point, pushed Ulf down the Hole, and then climbed in after him.

• The Things Below

• Fleeing Rognvald’s Hall

• The Hall of Odd the Bent

• Fleeing Odd’s Hall



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