Chapter Three

The Feast

• The Boat Journey. Unn, a local boatman, picked up the party at the south point of the island and offers to transport them south to the Jarl’s hall. He also offers some wine to Olvir and Styr, and they take them up on the offer. Travelling through choppy waters and thickening fog, the boat arrives at a stony tidal beach; Unn tells them to get off and find a local for directions.

The party offers Unn some more wine, but he is abstemious in drinking. Finally, he tries to leave them on the beach, but the party knocks him down before he can. Spears rain down from three attackers standing above them on the rocks. They strike Olvir and the already-wounded Styr.

Pushing the boat off the shore, the party decides to toss Unn overboard. Grim pulls out the strange barrow-knife, and, gripped by a sudden berzerker-madness, stabs Unn through the neck.


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