Chapter Three
The Feast

• The Boat Journey. Unn, a local boatman, picked up the party at the south point of the island and offers to transport them south to the Jarl’s hall. He also offers some wine to Olvir and Styr, and they take them up on the offer. Travelling through choppy waters and thickening fog, the boat arrives at a stony tidal beach; Unn tells them to get off and find a local for directions.

The party offers Unn some more wine, but he is abstemious in drinking. Finally, he tries to leave them on the beach, but the party knocks him down before he can. Spears rain down from three attackers standing above them on the rocks. They strike Olvir and the already-wounded Styr.

Pushing the boat off the shore, the party decides to toss Unn overboard. Grim pulls out the strange barrow-knife, and, gripped by a sudden berzerker-madness, stabs Unn through the neck.

Chapter Two
The Trolls

• Olaf’s Hall. Returned to to their home, the party meets the Hall’s current keepers: Styr and the remainder of his men. After filling them in on what just happened and some brief negotiations—including promising Styr and company a cut of the ’Orkneygeld’—Yrsa was installed at the Hall as a hostage, and Styr and his man Olvir accompany the party and their contributions to the Jarl’s coming feast.

• Odd the Bent. They stop off at Odd the Bent’s crumbling hall, and found it lacking in food after feeding the assembled warriors of Rognvald and the Orkney men. The party charitably provides a few goats or sheep to Odd to stave off starvation.

• Steering Bay. The party then cuts east across the island, coming to Stjornavgr (‘Steering Bay’), an area with three large farms, all recognizing Rognvald as chieftain. They stay over at the hall of Aud, whose husband had already begun travelling south to the feast. She tells them of her grief over losing her son to the supernatural calamity that befell Rognvald’s camp near Odd’s hall.

• The Consultation. The party also consults the thrall-woman Brigid, who informs them that her knowledge is not up to the task of solving their draugr-problems. She recommends that, in the future, they talk to her uncle, an Irish priest, who lives on the peninsula north of the bay.

• Grim Discovery. The party travels south from there, coming to the single path leading through the mountains. At a choke point between hill and loch, they find a devastated homestead, its roof smashed in and smouldering.

Number of Sessions: 5

Chapter One

• Boat crash

• Pursuit

• The Battle of Gunnlaug’s Farm

• Interrogating Torstein

• Recovery

• The Witch’s Vision. Casting the runes and going under the cloak, Yrsa has a vision of two ships landing by a circle of stones. The PCs recognize these stones as being near the hall of Odd the Bent on the west coast of the island; Grim also recognizes one of the ships as belonging to Ozur Wide-Smiler, a mercenary man with a retinue of fierce berzerkers.

• Dispatches. The PCs send men to the area of the landing site, and then travel south to the hall of Rognvald Alberiksson to rouse him against the invaders.

• The Hall of Rognvald Alberiksson. The PCs find Rognvald already prepared for war.

• Busted into the back door of Rognvald’s hall, held a servant girl at knife-point, pushed Ulf down the Hole, and then climbed in after him.

• The Things Below

• Fleeing Rognvald’s Hall

• The Hall of Odd the Bent

• Fleeing Odd’s Hall



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